Think Twice Before Specifying a Comfort RTU for Your Data Center

Building and operating a data center requires maintaining compliance with increasingly complex requirements, and not specifying the right equipment can be a costly mistake for everyone involved. Improperly sized or rated HVAC systems can delay schedules, increase maintenance costs, or lead to failures that can cost millions of dollars per hour in an industry that requires continuous uptime.

At STULZ, we see this problem every day. Our company specializes in listening to customers and delivering purpose built solutions for mission critical environmental control. This includes air conditioners, air handlers, humidity control, and custom solutions.

Consider a recent customer; a major telecommunications provider who made a significant investment in packaged rooftop air handlers to cool their data center. The RTUs specified were commonly used in commercial construction. Unfortunately, within months it was clear that these units were unable to successfully withstand the rigors of 24×7 operation, and the high return temperatures which are becoming common in data centers due to mandated improvements in energy efficiency.

By working with STULZ, the customer was able to replace the failing RTUs with the CyberPack Packaged Rooftop System which was specifically designed for this type of application and purposefully built to use the same mounting dimensions as the failing systems. No serious modification to the building infrastructure was required and for more than a year, these CyberPack units have been serving the customer’s need as they continue to build and expand.

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Comfort cooling HVAC systems may be a good value for commercial use, but when it comes to data centers, not having the appropriate solution can be a devastating mistake. STULZ experts are ready to help you find your data center solution.

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