Data Center Design Services

We at TeleComp of Central Florida have the experience and expertise to help you design your data center or IT room for computer room air conditioning, UPS, and PDUs. With years of experience, we are your first source for all data center applications.

With STULZ, for computer room air conditioning, we have the largest variety of units and capacities in the industry to custom tailor your cooling requirements. We have the largest selection of ceiling mounted units, floor mounted units, in-row units, and outdoor cooling solutions to ensure your space is maintained per your desired operating conditions. More importantly, STULZ units are all designed and proudly built in Frederick, Maryland.

With Mitsubishi UPS, we provide the premier UPS in the industry with proven statistics and the lowest mean time between failures (MTBF) in the industry. We also have available up to 2.1MW in a single UPS, another industry first. Mitsubishi UPS also has the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry and we can show you all the yearly savings that are possible.

For anything data center related, we are your first and only source to provide our services with the products, experience, and support you need.