Telecomp Honeywell Analytics

Honeywell Analytics (formerly Vulcain):

Honeywell Analytics (formerly Vulcain) is the world leader in gas monitoring systems. We provide monitoring and exhaust control systems for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, flammable vapors, methane, propane, oxygen, refrigerants, VOCs, and more. Our system has industry exclusive options such as Reflex technology to check sensor operation and sensor life every 8 hours, factory calibrated “plug and play” cartridges, and 5A DPDT relays built into each sensor. Honeywell Analytics is your first choice for reliable and cost effective gas monitoring systems.

301-C-DLC-BIP Controller:

The controller is the brains of the system and can control up to 96 different devices with up to 126 different programmable events. Also available is data logging options and BACnet/ IP integration built directly into the controller.








E3Point Sensor:

The E3Point is our most popular product offering. Flexible and customizable, the E3Point is used for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, and propane commercial monitoring systems. The E3Point features a built in display for easy access to information about the sensor and for maintenance.




Boiler Room Monitoring:

We have specially designed and Miami Dade County approved systems for boiler room monitoring. These systems have been uniquely designed and tailored to provide response and multiple stage notification upon elevated levels of methane and carbon monoxide.







Refrigerant Monitoring:

The refrigerant monitoring system by Honeywell is umatched in the industry. The 301-IRFS-R product line features IR detectors for instantaneous detection of refrigerant contaminants. This is far superior to the outdated sample draw system of the past.







Specialty Gas:

There are many common applications that we see day to day such as parking garages, car dealerships, service bays, and boiler rooms. We also have products to suite your needs of monitoring for jet fuel, hazardous fumes, oils, ethanol, liquid diesel, and more.