AtmosAir air purification systems

AtmosAir air purification systems are the industry leading and scientifically proven way to clean the air of dust, molds, mildews, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and VOCs without the use of external filters. The AtmosAir system utilizes bi-polar ionization technology to generate positive and negative ions that are distributed throughout the air handling ductwork. The system requires virtually no maintenance and our latest generation composite tubes are unbreakable and last for 2 years before requiring replacement. We have a variety of products to suit your applications ranging from 1,400 CFM up to 15,000 CFM.
One of the greatest benefits is the ability to reduce outside air requirements by up to 50% when utilizing AtmosAir. We will provide all of the updated schedules and calculations to provide on your drawings.

AtmosAir Matterhorn 1000/1002:

Atmos Air Shoot no. 2

The Matterhorn series is useful for most smaller applications requiring up to 5,000 CFM. The system comes in a single tube or dual tube configurations sized for the ionization requirements.










AtmosAir 500EC/500FC:

The 500EC/500FC are used for larger commercial air handlers that have higher CFM or higher ionization requirements up to 10,000 CFM.




AtmosAir 508FC:

The 508FC is our largest offering for higher CFM or the highest concentrations of contaminants. These units are typically used in casinos, manufacturing facilities, or water treatment plants.






AtmosAir FC400:

The FC400 is used for smaller residential or commercial applications for fan coils, heat pumps, or similar units. The FC400 is rated for up to 1,400 CFM.





AtmosAir FC100:

The FC100 is used for fan coils, heat pumps, and other similar units for up to 2,400 CFM.















The AtmosAware system allows for real time monitoring of CO2, PM2.5, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), and also monitors for temperature, humiditiy, illumination, and noise level.







AtmosAir 700/800 Series:

The 700/ 800 Series is a standalone application with a built in fan to distribute ions when a central air handler is not available. This custom solution is designed to fit your unique needs of air purification.