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Founded in 2003, TeleComp, Inc. is your source for all mission-critical data center cooling solutions, power protection, and residential and commercial air purification needs. TeleComp provides the best line of products and world class services including Data Center Design, Honeywell Analytics Design, Honeywell Analytics Services and Mitsubishi Electric UPS Services.


Our daily mission and vision are to strive to provide the best customer service and products to all engineers, contractors, end-users, and entities involved in the process of designing the system that you require. TeleComp represents a variety of products to suit your needs. Please contact us or view outline card for more information about any of these products. All of us are fully trained to provide you with superior service and support.

STULZ Computer Room
Air Conditioning

TeleComp is your premier source for data center cooling. STULZ USA is based out of Frederick, Maryland where all of our products are designed and built to order. We have the largest variety of indoor and outdoor cooling solutions in the industry and will have a product to fit your needs exactly!

Mitsubishi Electric
Power Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric has been producing UPSs since 1964 and has been the pioneer in nearly every technological advancement. Mitsubishi Electric UPS has units ranging in capacities from 6kW up to 2.1MW and can provide any battery solution requested. Mitsubishi Electric UPS builds the smallest footprint and most efficient UPS in the industry.

Honeywell Analytics Services

Honeywell is the world leader in gas monitoring systems. We provide monitoring and exhaust control systems for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, flammable vapors, methane, propane, oxygen, refrigerants, VOCs, and more. Our system has industry-exclusive options. Honeywell Analytics is your first choice for reliable and cost-effective gas monitoring systems.

Li-ion Tamer®

Li-ion Tamer® products were developed by the dedicated team at Nexceris, LLC to make batteries safer. Protect personnel, property, and brand from lithium-ion battery incidents with Li-ion Tamer safety products that give you control at the earliest possible indication of failure.

Experience and Integrity.

Your source for all mission-critical data center cooling solutions, power protection needs and gas detection.


Your source for all mission-critical data center cooling solutions, power protection needs and gas detection.

Data Center Design Services

We help you design your data center or IT room for computer room air conditioning, UPS, and PDUs. With years of experience, we are your first source for all data center applications.

Honeywell Analytics Design Services

Providing you with fully engineered drawings and solutions for any gas detection project. We provide AutoCAD layouts and specs for CO, NO2, methane, propane, VOCs, ammonia, oxygen, and much more.

Honeywell Analytics Services

Gas monitoring is a life safety application and new and existing systems require maintenance and periodic calibrations. Our team provides factory-authorized Honeywell Analytics service for your Honeywell Analytics/ Vulcain products.

Mitsubishi Electric UPS Services

Proper UPS service is an important part of any data center or IT space. A well-maintained UPS will have a much lower risk of failure to ensure your load is safe. We offer emergency services and preventative maintenance programs for all of our UPS systems.


Our local technicians are specialized in providing the proper maintenance and repair for your new or existing computer room air conditioning units. A regular servicing schedule is recommended to ensure the optimal performance.

Our list of services does not and here. We will adapt to your particular needs.



We are here to provide more information answer any question about our services you may have. Just request a quote and a representative will be in contact with you.